APQP, QFD, FMEA, DFMA, SWOT and 8D on-line training workshops

On-line Product Development quality tools training

Our on-line business development training courses show how to successfully operate the various product development quality tools and business development tools available. The courses are targeted at those involved in delivering new goods, services or processes and are written in English.

The intent of all our training courses is to impart the capability to use the required tool. Each training course comes with all the necessary free downloads to enable the trainee to start using the tool immediately. No special software required.

Access to these great on-line training courses is time limited and not usage limited. Once payment has been received we will issue a user name and a keycode that gives unlimited user access to the training course. This user name and keycode can be used as many times as needed and by as many individuals as needed.


On-line Quality Function Deployment (QFD) training workshop

unlimited user QFD training - £

Learn how to best capture your customer's needs


On-line Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP PPAP) training workshop

unlimited user APQP PPAP training - £

Learn how to build quality into a product during development


On-line 8D training workshop

unlimited user 8D training - £

8D is a robust and thorough problem solving tool


On-line FMEA training workshop

unlimited user FMEA training - £

FMEA is a problem avoidance tool for products and services


On-line DFMA training workshop

unlimited user DFMA training - £

DFMA ensures the product is easy to manufacture


On-line SWOT training workshop

unlimited user SWOT training - £

SWOT ensures the correct product or service is developed



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